QPS Fledermaus 3.20 Free Download

QPS Fledermaus 3.20 is a versatile application that enables users to better analyze their data and work in 3D and 4D environments. The application includes promotional tools that allow users to see the data better and submit complete and detailed reports. It supports different types of data formats for direct import and initiates connections with different types of data in 3D and 4D environments.QPS Fledermaus 3.20 Free Download

Ability To Analyze:

Each stage of the QPS Fledermaus bat project includes a comprehensive and comprehensive ability to analyze at any stage or stage. This allows consumers to understand the depth of water and guide the planning and design of the pipeline. It is a powerful and advanced program for analyzing geographic data by time and local variables. Researchers map and process data within a specific frequency range. This includes equipment for mapping and analysis from oceans, forests, mountains, mines, oceans, and other places. Access and process your data at any time You can also download DWKit Core Ultimate.

Computer Program:

QPS Fledermaus 3.20 has transformed its own machine into a computer program that can display high quality Quran manuscripts with 100% error-free data. Thanks to the grace of Allah’s host, they have succeeded in developing this latest software. The name of the software is Quran Publishing System (QPS).QPS Fledermaus 3.20 Free Download

No need to create and read evidence of the Holy Quran. Since the Holy Quran has already been written and completed by the Holy Prophet’s experts, I assert that there is nothing wrong with the Koran text. Software-compiled Quran files are also available. QPS Fledermaus has two Quran fonts that you can use to write Quran poems or the entire Quran.
Due to the additional benefits of QPS Fledermaus 3.20 , Input Urdu Professional has the same layout system. Therefore, the Quran can be published with different layout settings. You can change the number of rows, columns, page size, font, and font size in any language.


 Special Features:

Below are some interesting features of QPS Fledermaus.

  • Easily analyze your data
  • Process in 3D and 4D space
  • Show your data well
  • Create a report in detail
  • Help consumers with planning guidelines
  • You can access your data at any time
  • It is accurate and involves a variety of data types
  • Provides 100% ligator-based error-free true data
  • There are two types of faces
  • Persian modern writing
  • India Pack Regional Publications
  • Urdu Nori Nastalik
  • Multiple fonts for other languages ​​(Chinese, Japanese, etc.)
  • Support for left-to-right languages ​​such as Arabic, Persian, Pashto, Sindhi, Kashmir, Saliki, Balochi, and Bruch.
  • Support for right-to-left languages ​​such as English
  • Copy the property and paste it into the reference text executed from the original script
  • For reading Auto Corning and Auto Kashida, especially the Quran
  • Export function in .JPG, .PRN, Adobe PDF format
  • (Compatibility with COREL Draw 12)

What’s New:

  1. Unicode support
  2. Activate/paste M SWord or other Unicode support software or web pages.
  3. Support for all Unicode Open Type fonts in various languages ​​such as Urdu, Arabic, Sariki, Pashto, Sindhi.
  4. Urdu Monotype Type Nori Nastalik Font and Kashish are delightfully entertaining.
  5. New Faz Z Lahori Nastali Font with Kashish
  6. Nasal color scheme
  7. Save as PDF option (compatible with Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, CorelDraw)
  8. Compatible with CorelDRAW 12, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe PhotoShop
  9. Support for Unicode Open Type fonts in various languages ​​such as Urdu, Arabic …

Text Features:

  • Unicode text export/import
  • Automatic expansion of nasty text In calligraphy removes extra space between words to see the text
  • Automated Kashida integration in Arabic script
  • Dictionary spelling
  • English spelling – the UK and the United States
  • Number of words/letters in the selected text series
  • Indexes and indexes of English and Urdu texts
  • Wrap the text in a circular object
  • Special paste
    Rotate the text at any angle
  • Classification of Urdu and English texts
  • Drag and drop textQPS Fledermaus 3.20 Free Download

Object Features:

  • Connect / disconnect text boxes
  • The automatic row within the text box column
  • Circular text box
  • Peripheral style
  • Special paste
  • Rotate the object at any angle
  • Polygon equipment
  • Photo box and photo rotation
  • Classification and publication of objects
  • Full support for OLE as a customer
  • Full support for InPage as an OLE server

Photographic Features:

Photo brightness and reverse control
Photo mirror
Photography Center
Preview before opening an image




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