Schoolhouse Test Professional Pro Full Version Free Download

Schoolhouse Test Professional Pro Overview:

Schoolhouse Test Professional Pro creates traditional tests for any subject lesson test. Use multiple questions such as multiple choice, blank, short and long answers, matches, lists, right and wrong. You can also create an answer sheet to record your answers and save the original test certificate for future use. Save on paper and copier costs. School Room Tests – Tests, and tests are never easy. School building exams offer pictures of time-consuming tasks and near-fun things. You can also download these tips from the school building.Schoolhouse Test Professional Pro Free Download

Schoolhouse Test Professional Pro
Schoolhouse Test Professional Pro

Schoolhouse Test Professional Pro that evaluate and improve learning from each topic using multiple question types (choices choices, short answers, lists, layouts, true lies). You can also create 19 sheets where students can record their answers and save the original test certificate for future use. The answer is easy to pinpoint. You can place the student’s answer sheet at a height above the keyboard (such as a head projector) to get a perfect score in seconds. Schoolhouse Test Professional Pro are surprisingly easy to work with in a very bad experience and you can see that the exams look like design time. You can also download the School Home Pro exam.

Schoolhouse Test Professional Pro


   Schoolhouse Test Professional Pro Features:

Below are some notable b-features to experience after School House Test Professional 2020 free download.



  • Create tests, questions, and tests with hundreds or thousands of questions.
  • Just click the Certificate View checkbox to enable or disable the test item.
  • Select and display the mark for each question in the document revision question.
  • If your computer doesn’t run out of power, review the document to support a valuable feature of your work auto-note.
  • View the document Choose ALT text for a variety of answers to meet the formatting criteria set by some State Department officials.
  • View the document Use spreadscript, subscript, bold, atlas to organize your questions and answers and write the following points, sentences, or all text blocks.
  • Create custom font styles for testing with full query views or global font dialogs.
  • Document view ribbon navigation simplifies access to commonly used bits, hides the B feature, and eliminates the need for drop-down menus that can be difficult to work with.
  • Include an image or logo image in the title title group for both the Certificate View test document and the answer page (first page title).
  • Document View Set a level and category for each question and use these filters to select queries and test questions.
  • Use the diagram question type to label the question to create a preview of the document, or to provide space for the diagram on the test sheet or answer sheet.
  • Document View Input Questions provide a way to select words, sentences, or parts of an entire sentence. To double-click a point,
  • remove it from the text or click the T button.
  • Use images for multiple choice, collation, and answer options for questions related to document layout. Alternatively, respond using a combination of text and image.
  • Choose to include a page preview of the document so that the question and its answer can be split into multiple pages (the query should be grouped to have multiple pages).
  • Find and maintain a standard view of your document, speed up questions in specific contexts, place points or points with a question or point, or easily check.
  • Copy the preview of the document as a math image from Microsoft Word or dead type and paste the formula.
  • To create a sample query, create each question with a certificate view value of 0. Sample questions do not determine the number of questions.
  • Mark, scale, categorize, and enable certificate view design edits that allow you to enter and enter multiple numbers.


Description of Technical Settings for School House Schoolhouse Test Professional Pro:

  1. Software Full Name: School Home Test Professional 2020
  2. Configure the filename: Schoolhouse.Test.Pro.
  3. Full configuration size: 44 MB
  4. Configuration type: offline installer / completely free configuration
  5. Compatibility builds: 32-bit (x86) / 64-bit (x64)
  6. Release of the latest version: May 20, 2020
  7. Developer: School Room Test Professional
  8. Download the latest version of School House Test Professional 2020

Schoolhouse Test Professional Pro System Requirements:

Before you start the School House Test Professional 2020 free download, please make sure that your computer meets the system requirements.

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB RAM is required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 50MB of free space is required.
  • Processor: Intel dual core processor or later.
  • Schoolhouse Test Professional Pro Free Download.


click the butten and install the Schoolhouse Test Professional Pro


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