GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD is a powerful and sophisticated application designed and developed with amazing tools and features that allow users to easily manage and process CAD tasks without switching applications. GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD has a click version, realistic reproduction, high performance, and accurate analysis, allowing the user to design beautiful structures and structures.New GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD Download[2021]

Users Access:

GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD is packed with new features and various extensions that enhance your entire work experience and give users access to tools and features at your fingertips. GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD users to work on other tasks and reduce chat complexity in real-time. With algorithm design tools and good model support, you can do your best to design a good architecture. Understanding the model means that you can make decisions and make changes early in the design, saving time, money, and degradation on the construction site.

Features of Graphisoft ARCHICAD:

Below are some notable features.

  • Design and analyze the model.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • High performance and accuracy.
  • Fast and quick operation.
  • Supports collaboration.
  • Shadow of open GL 3D view
  • This software significantly enhances the visual model by shading in 3D OpenGL views.
  • In addition to being a working image, a live 3D display of the BIM model is also a standard basis for communicating design plans to customers.
  • Photo-realistic performance.

Design and deliver projects of all sizes with Archicad’s powerful suite of embedded tools and a user-friendly interface that makes it the most efficient and intuitive BIM software on the market.
Our solution


The mission of GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD is to strengthen the team and create good architecture. The award-winning team solution integrates people, workflow, and real-time information. Our colleagues, partners, and users are working to change the world better by building together! Bridging the gap between design studios and construction sites with BIMx, the most popular presentation and adjustment application for iPad, iPhone, and Android phones and tablets.New GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD Download[2021]

GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD helps you design and complete construction projects faster than ever! You no longer have to wait for your opinion to load. GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD has significantly expanded 64-bit and multiprocessing technology with background processing. This is the first in the BIM industry. That’s why ArchiCAD offers ultra-fast response times, and this turbocharged update of the app has made it an undisputed speed leader in the BIM business.


Innovation has been an important differentiator for ARCHICAD from the beginning. In this program, we will introduce the long-awaited stairs tool that has applied for a patent for GR technology GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD, which is a unique design. This program provides many other important visual improvements in visuals, OPEN BIM, performance, and productivity that make this version the strongest in Graphisoft ARCHICAD history. The unified Rich Text Format has been introduced in all text-related tools such as text, labels, dimensions, and interactive schedules.

External IFC model content created by a consultant (such as a civil engineer or MEP engineer) can be put as a hot link to a project design project as protected reference material. With the development of BIM as a real workflow, architects are increasingly receiving consulting information in the BIM format. The unified Rich Text Format has been introduced in all text-related tools such as text, labels, dimensions and interactive schedules.New GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD Download[2021]


The development of ARCHICAD began in 1982 for the original Apple Macintosh. ARCHICAD was launched in 1987 with the “virtual building” concept from Graphisoft and was considered the first implementation of BIM. [1] [2] ARCHICAD is recognized as the first CAD product on personal computers capable of creating both 2D and 3D geometry, and the first BIM product for personal computers [1] [3] [4], its capabilities considered “innovative”. a large amount of information in a 3D model. [5] There are now over 120,000 users. Collaboration and external access.External IFC model content created by a consultant (such as a civil engineer or MEP engineer) can be put as a hotlink to a project design project as protected reference material

ARCHICAD released the first file-sharing team solution in 1997 with version 5.1. This means that several architects can work with the same building model at the same time.

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