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Overview Of Send Anywhere File Transfer:

Send Anywhere File Transfer is a cross-platform file sharing service that allows users to easily share digital content in real time without any cloud storage. Unlike Messenger and Cloud Storage apps, send anywhere. APK demands end users on demand for almost all file types and sizes via Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Chrome, Linux, and desktop. Send file SA uses p2p networks for cloud storage to make the migration process safer and faster. Send Anywhere File Transfer, you don’t need an iOS connection or registration to send anywhere. All you need is a unique 6-digit code that coordinates the means of transmission and reception.

Send Anywhere File Transfer

A cross-platform file sharing utility that allows users to easily share digital content in real time without any cloud storage. Unlike the Messenger and Cloud Storage app, Send Anywhere File Transfers tool allows end users to send an unlimited number of files of all file types and sizes via Android, iOS and desktop. Using P2P networks for cloud storage makes the migration process safer and faster. Also, no registration or registration is required. File Transfer The File Transfer APK requires a unique 6-digit code that combines sending and receiving devices.

Free and accurate file sharing service:

Arsal Warrior Registration is a cloud-based service that allows users to send and receive files in seconds. Send Anywhere File Transfer provides a much needed interface and takes only a few minutes to record. Once your account is verified, you can begin the transfer immediately. This package is free to use.

Basic tasks and user partnerships:

Send Sierra Key allows users to share and save long-distance file transfer apps in a cloud environment. There are two advantages to this approach. First, you can free up extra memory from your hard drive. Second, cloud storage provides extra volume. A special security key isĀ  used for real-time transfers. As soon as the file is downloaded, the user enters this key and the recipient’s address. You can also create download links to share with other authorized partners.

Additional work:

Send Crack can be used anywhere on any standard smartphone or computer. Send Anywhere File Transfer is also very useful if you need to attach a large file to an email. User-friendly controls and drag and drop capabilities complement the benefits of this software. This bundle is available for Mac and Windows operating systems. Once users register on the website, Chrome immediately wherever they send it. Can be downloaded.

Location list registration key

Send APK button anywhere file transfer.
Truly a global product
Send Anywhere File Transfer has been downloaded more than 100,000 times in 140 countries and has over 1 million monthly users.
Supports all operating systems
Requests are available wherever your operating system or device is.
Send file
With this app you can send photos, videos, music files, documents, compressed files, contacts and much more. Literally any type of file you can think of.
Send a large file
The average transfer amount of an application is 300 MB for mobile devices and 800 MB for desktop computers. However, people regularly send more than 300 GB of disk to their desktop through the mobile app.
Very fast transfer speed
Elsewhere in the same network, the average transmission speed is 4-40 times faster than competitors.
High security
If sent via P2P transfer, the file will not reach the cloud and will not leave a trace after the transfer is complete.
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What’s New in File Transfer in APK Everywhere:

  • Small cash fix.
  • Full name:Send Anywhere File Transfer
  • Version 20.2.21
  • Better performance
  • Bug fixes and other performance improvements

How to install shipping anywhere using the signed APK:

Shipping Method


  • Download APK
  • Install
  • Done!

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