Gallery Vault Full Version Hide Pictures And Videos for Android [2021]

Overview Of Gallery Vault Full Version:

Gallery Vault Full Version is a utility and tool application developed by the Gallery Vault development team. Gallery Vault Full Version app allows users to hide from their mobile phones.  You can import your private photos and videos into this safe safe, and no one knows about it. In addition, the Gallery Vault Full Version.It is beautifully designed to provide a great competitive multimedia surfing experience.

Gallery Vault Full Version

Private photo:
Gallery Vault APK is used to keep your personal photos private. It keeps all media files on your mobile device and protects them from unwanted and rogue searches. The image also hides the image so that no one notices its existence. Users can import media files from the local file directory into the application’s hidden vault. It has an accurate user interface for required file management and unlimited storage space.

The app supports many photos, videos, and other types of files that are still viewed and shared today. The animated GIF will also play and be hidden. Users can hide files on the SD card from their mobile devices for easy data transfer and backup.

Some mobile device operating systems that work with this application include Android 4.4, 5.0, 6.0, and 7.0 and later. The application is integrated into the “Personal Web Browser” feature, which allows you to download multimedia files privately at the push of a button and access the web browser version of the Gallery Vault Pro app.

For computers, Gallery Vault users expect smart application security as it includes data breaches, passwords when entering fake passwords, and intrusion warnings to open Like Domis fungal prints like Samsung. I can do it.

This application requires access to the Mobile Device Manager feature. This application prevents data loss when SDC users are uninstalled. on the other hand. The application maintains the settings on the mobile device.

In some cases, deleted events may not open in the Gallery Vault Full Version. Developers can choose to select Gallery Vault by navigating to the Apps and Gallery Vault Full Version App Browser in the integrated browser on their mobile device, pressing Manage Storage in System Preferences, then clicking the Applications button. It is recommended.

Turn it on. If the user forgets, the application will adjust to recover the lost password. The user must enter “yes” in the search and follow the password recovery process to attempt to verify the account.

Another way to recover your password is to go to the Gallery Vault Full Version Lock page, click the Other Options button, then click the Forgotten button to resend the static email. , Confirm your confirmed email account and finally enter your new password.

The user is guaranteed that the application will provide a professional service for hiding photos and videos. The language of the application can be changed by any user.

Gallery Vault Full Version free download from Shahzad pc

Multimedia File Personal Collection APKs:

Anyone concerned with private media files can use the Gallery Vault. You can hide unwanted items in Custom Safe to comply with it.

  • Gallery Vault Full Version Serial Key Application Permission:
  • Access to network information
  • Network socket
  • Read or write external memory
  • Camera
  • The screen prevents weakening or the procedure from falling asleep
  • To access the list of accounts for the Accounts Service
  • Vibrator access
  • Add shortcuts to the launcher
  • Access to WiFi network information
  • Just read the phone status
  • System configuration
  • Access to documents
  • Install the bundle
  • Change Wi-Fi connection
  • Fingerprint sensor

Crackdown APK in Gallery Vault Original B Features:

  • Hide photos, hide videos, hide other types of files
  • You’re the only one who supports Hidden Images and knows Gallery Vault.
  • Hide files on the SD card such as Android 4.4 (KitKat), 5.0 (Lollipop), 6.0 (Marshmallow), 7.0 (Nougat) + and
  • transfer the encrypted files to the SD card to help with device memory.
  • With a built-in personal web browser, you can upload all photos and videos to your website with just one click.
  • Beautiful, competitive and beautiful user experience
  • There is no memory limit for hiding photos and videos
  • Pick up your smartphone and hurry to exit the Gallery Vault
  • Supports mask and playback of GIF images
  • Support intrusion alerts and find out who is trying to attack
  • Supports fake passwords, entering fake passwords will reveal fake content
  • Fingerprint support (only supports Samsung devices with fingerprint scanners)
  • The Gallery Vault Full Version version gives you complete privacy protection.

Gallery Vault Full Version free download from Shahzad pc

Other features of Gallery Vault Crack Password include:

A beautiful, easy and beautiful user experience with no restrictions for hiding photos and videos.Access network information Access Wi-Fi network information and install packages. You can add files directly from your SD card to Gallery Vault. You can export files from the Gallery Vault to the SD card.

Manage folders by creating, renaming, or deleting tasks. With a built-in personal web browser, you can upload all photos and videos to your website with just one click. Gallery Vault Pro Cracked APK has backup and restore capabilities.

Gallery Vault Full Version free download from Shahzad pc

Languages ​​supported in earlier versions of Gallery Vault APK:

English, Russian, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, German, Vietnamese, Italian, Thai, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.

What’s new in Gallery Walt Uptown:

1. Support for finding and deleting duplicate files.
2. Support for displaying video length.
3. Support for displaying memory usage details.
4. Solve some identified problems.

How To Download Gallery Vault Cracked APK

Download the Gallery Vault
1. On your Android smartphone, go to Settings> Security> Allow Unknown Sources
3 What!

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